Evan Kluttz CFP® 

Welcome to the Kluttz Financial Partners website, where we hope you'll stay up-to-date on our latest firm news, as well as changes in the markets. 


    Here at Kluttz Financial Partners, we are committed to bringing you the best advisory services offered. For this reason, we have partnered with Harbour Investments to bring you the best technology and resources the industry has to offer. Though the use of relevant technology is a priority, we value most our individual relationships with clients. This includes maintaining personal connections with each client, and returning all emails and phone calls as promptly as possible. 


    With more than 29 years of experience in the securities industry, we have dealt with difficult market environments and enjoyed outstanding market conditions with our clients. Experience has taught us to prepare for both. Each client and each individual business is unique. Goals and objectives are different for everyone, as is everyone's approach to risk. We seek to first build relationships with our clients and then portfolios to suit each client's unique financial situation. 


    We hope this website serves as a useful tool in getting to know us better. We also hope it helps you develop a better understanding of your individual financial goals and needs.